Cooking and Pisco Sour master-class and presentation of Peru by PROMPERÚ and Quinta Tour


Cooking and Pisco Sour master-class and presentation of Peru with Quinta Tour

The main objectives of the joint event of PROMPERU and Quinta Tour were:

  • Organization of the Special Luxury Promotional Event with presentations of PROMPERU, QUINTA TOUR, British Airways, professional cooking master class, Pisco Sour master class and tasting in cooperation with QUINTA TOUR for the TOP travel agencies working with QUINTA TOUR – from Moscow and near regions.
  • To perform presentations and work shop for the agents with the entertainment and educational part and networking.
  • To update the tour operators about last news from Peru, awards and new sites to visit as well as about British Airways/Iberia flights to Peru and cooperation of PROMPERY with British Airways/Iberia in 2020
  • To present the Peruvian gastronomy in form of ceviche and fried meat master class from the professional chef in famous culinary studio Culinaryon.
  • To present Pisco and Pisco Sour to the guests in form or master class of Pisco Sour made by professional bartender of Culinaryon with presenting Pisco history and details of this unique drink and cocktail.
  • To assist QUINTA TOUR in the promotion of Peru, their tours, itineraries and product in Peru among the travel agencies.

Feedback and Highlights

  • The luxury event with master classes in Culinaryon was a big success, great organized and received best feedbacks.
  • The participants of the event were directors and leading managers of the TOP list of travel agencies not only from Moscow but from near cities who travelled specially for the event to Moscow what shows big interest in Peru, tours and information about the country.
  • 36 guests participated in the event what is 100% attendance and very good result.
  • The concept of the event, the possibility to cook Peruvian food and make Pisco Sour by own was very much appreciated by the guests and added the event the Peruvian style and atmosphere, the decoration gave to the guests a new year mood as well.
  • Different activities during the event were very good balanced what made the event interesting and shoed different parts and angels of travel to Peru.
  • Important part was the presentation of QUNTA TOUR where the agents learned more about concrete tours, booking system and process.
  • The PROMPERU brochures in Russian were distributed at the event.
  • Invitation of British Airways/Iberia for presentation made the event completed by all different parts of travel: “how to reach, what to see, how to buy” and is a good structure of the event to give the guests maximum of necessary and important information.
  • British Airways/Iberia raffled and presented the prizes to participants what was an additional great moment for the guests.
  • Great video film (video report) was issued after the event