Integrity Promotion Group – high-class representative services in Russia and CIS

The essential point for us is not only increasing awareness of the destination, services and products of our clients but also to raise sales and total amount of bookings from the Russian and CIS markets.

When we have developed and confirmed marketing strategy, we choose the most perspective tour operators and agencies to work with and to introduce them our client. After the series of meetings, presentations and negotiations tour operators become familiarized with the destination and services and start to actively offer the product to their clients and agents.
We are always looking for new partners and expand our database on a regular basis, organize different activities for the tour operators and together with the big tour operators for their agents.
Besides, the constant involvement of the sales department representatives of tour operators in our marketing activities make them loyal and much more dedicated to the product.

Our services to boost sales

  • Constant market research for new tour operators and potential business partners
  • Cooperation with tour operators, concierge companies, travel agencies and MICE companies
  • Cooperation with corporate clients and business travel segment
  • Organization of roadshows and participation in the road show of big tour operators to Russian regions
  • Assistance with existing partners of our clients and development of new sales channels
  • Assistance in setting rates and product enhancement
  • Dedicated sales visit around biggest Russian cities to enhance awareness of the produсt
  • Supporting and assisting tour operators with concrete bookings, last minutes requests and in immediate solving of urgent non-typical situations 24/7
  • Assistance tour operators to create packaged tours and giving expert recommendations
  • Coordination of VIP requests and meetings with direct clients together with tour operator representative for expert presentations of the destinations and suggested itineraries
  • Participation in different travel trade fairs in Russia, CIS and around the world
  • Holding of trainings, seminars and conferences for the sales staff in tour operating companies and for the agents of big tour operators