Integrity Promotion Group – high-class representative services in Russia and CIS

Our mission is our client mission – highlighted, prepared and developed for the Russian market.

For our clients we are their local office, which gives all support and insides of the market based of the years of experience.

It is not for nothing we are called “Integrity”. On the one hand, it means for us absolute transparency and honesty in our relationships with clients including financial and informative aspects.

On the other hand, we offer our clients a wide variety of services and sets of activities for discussion and implementation.

Whether we work on long-term conditions representing our client for many years or develop an ad-hoc project; provide destination management services for tourism board or run the sales of luxury hotel chain, - we pick up an unique idea for the best performance and efficient outcome in the Russian-speaking market.

Our work is based on 6 head principles:

Creativity - we work out the unique approach for each client. We don’t have two similar solutions: for every specific goal, we select special methods and generate appropriate strategy based on creative and modern tendencies.

Honesty - we confirm with our client every point of planned activities. We find the best solution for any unforeseen circumstances through joint decisions in order to proceed smoothly and reach the set goal. The detailed and regular reports are provided to our clients and verify all points of work process.

Effective strategy -  our work is based on efficient and cost-effective activities that fit allocated budget. We provide measurable results which prove the productivity of our work.

Global Outlook - our experience in working with different destinations and properties from all over the world as well as our experience in international communications and deep inside knowledge of the Russian tourism market allow us to find right trade and media audience with correct approach to promote the destinations and products of our clients.

Visibility - to be successful in the market means to be visible and recognizable and this is one of the global goals which we are aimed to reach – clients brand awareness.

Flexibility - we are mobile, fast and working 24/7 for our clients. We are open for different ideas and we are ready to modify them for Russian market peculiarity.