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November, 27, 2020

Detailed webinar about one of the most honored DMC in East Africa – Southern Cross Safaris and 2 famous for the great safaris countries – Kenya and Tanzania.

From the webinar you will learn why Southern Cross Safaris is the best partner for working with for itineraries in Kenya and Tanzania, you will get practical knowledge about these two countries and creating the best tours, very important and interesting facts about seasonal cycles, animal migration and last travel regulation according to epidemiologic situation, necessary documents, tests requirements and actual situation with air connection.

The whole information is given in precise details and will be a great help in the work of tour operators and agents as well as their communication with clients.

Under “Leran More” you will find the recording of the webinar as well as the full presentation for downloading, so that it can be used wherever it is necessary. The presentation is a result of our detailed work which we gladly share with travel industry and looking forward to the productive cooperation!

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Dinner for tour-operators "Peru is near!"

December, 3, 2020

IPG, Peru Tourism Office, PROMPERÚ, and the Peru Trade Representation in Moscow hold LIVE magnificent presentation seminar on PERU - a mysterious country which has been already beginning to open its borders and secrets!
We spent this evening with our dear guests over a wonderful Peruvian dinner and famous cocktails in the center of Moscow, talking about our beloved Peru - news, interesting facts, program design and fascinating photos and videos. And, of course, we didn't let any of our guest go away with no gift or prize!

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South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda

November, 26, 2020

Integrity Promotion Group held a detailed webinar revealing all advantages of one of the most respected company in Africa - Wilderness Safaris – the owner of 40 luxury safari lodges & camps and one of the biggest DMC!

The webinar aim is to educate the tour operators and agencies in the Russian speaking market about very different safari-countries – South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. In the webinar we covered incredible and exciting destinations as well as explained the specific in working with each country. We have also detailed the last changes in entry regulations and made the necessary update.

The first part of the webinar is dedicated to the services, key features and unique selling points of Wilderness Safaris – from this part you will learn why you should choose Wilderness Safaris as your main safari provider. The second part is dedicated to each country – the safety, testing, quarantine, air connections as well as the visa regulation and climate specific. Further comes the most impressive moment - detailed description of each region and explanation how to build the best itinerary according to the clients’ needs.

The recording of the webinar as well as the presentation itself are available under Learn More below, so that the tourism branch professionals can use them wherever they need and want. We are happy to share the result of our big work and will be happy to assist in all questions and requests!

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WEBINAR "Peru: Luxury & FIT"

February, 18, 2020

Peru is one of the most magnificent country not only in South America, but throughout the world. The webinar is presented to you by the director of Integrity Promotion Group, Daria Falovskaya, who has been to this country more than once, knows the culture, history and is well-versed in the national cuisine. From her story you will learn many interesting facts which will help you to travel to this country.
Also you will get some useful information about flights, transfers and best hotels. During the translation you may ask your questions on-line and get some advices. You will learn how to prepare for such trips - about acclimatization, optimal travels within the country and the most interesting sights.

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October, 24, 2019

Integrity Promotion Group is proud to announce about participation in the most prestigious global luxury travel event - ILTM Cannes Four intensive days were full of meetings, educational sessions, networking, glamorous parties and number of new personal contacts. As a result, the new customers and wide perspective have been found. As ILTM is bringing together the world's most luxuries and exclusive venues and business these days have brought to us lots of positive and efficient work.
ILTM opens the doors to an established, global community of the luxury travel industry in a time-efficient format; introducing select suppliers to exclusive buyers through bespoke appointment programmes and networking sessions. This international event always gives every company many fresh ideas and make new trends in touristic industry.

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New series of "Travel Notes" about Peru on Channel One! Dmitry Krylov is back to beloved Peru after 3 years!

February, 01, 2020

As we all remember, our partners Travel Notes and Channel One in cooperation with PROMPERÚ and us made great 4 series of the program dedicated to travel around Peru. Now we are glad to inform that totally NEW series has been filmed and issued on Channel One! The main subject of 3 last programs is marvelous traveling in Peru along Amazon river.
The idea to discover the Amazon in details has been born long time ago, but it was decided to dedicate first programs to other famous attractions in Peru and to include just a part of Amazon river.
However at the end of 2019, the Travel Notes team with its famous leader and presenter Dmitry Krylov landed Peru to shoot new great programs! As an Amazon river is possibly the most beautiful nature expedition in the world, the trip was amazing and the TV audience has the wide vision of this region. But this is not the end! After amazing Amazon cruise Travel Notes will be back to civilization – to Lima, incredible Paracas, Nazca and other breathtaking attractions, so we are looking forward to see the next episodes and will update our readers about them!

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Cooking and Pisco Sour master-class and presentation of Peru by PROMPERÚ and Quinta Tour

November, 28, 2019

Fascinating presentations of mysterious Peru by PROMPERÚ, Quinta Tour and British Airways with following cooking master-class of Peruvian dishes with exciting Pisco Sour in Culinarion - for leading VIP travel agents of Quinta Tour.
Peruvian cuisine is all the rage throughout the world and for good reason. This culinary jewel of South America with its abundant raw ingredients, dizzying variety of elevations, and clever chefs and home cooks who celebrate their history while perpetually innovating a cuisine that is as varied as its landscape, is the reason why you should bring Peruvian cuisine into your own kitchen.
That is why this master-class is so successful and highly appreciated by our guests. Besides it's a great opportunity to meet with the most respected leaders in tourism industry, talk about recent events, discuss news and think about further cooperation and new projects. The success of the event, its warm and friendly atmosphere made us confident that we should plan an organization of different creative educational events such as this activity in 2020 in order to give the guests the real feeling of being closer to Peru.

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Participation in the conference "Promoting South Africa as a Tourism Destination of Choice"

October, 29, 2019

This conference is supposed to enlarge the knowledge about culture and tourism options in South Africa. The National Development Plan (which has been confirmed in 2014) recognises tourism as one of the main drivers of employment and economic growth, and envisages the promotion of South Africa as a major tourist and business events destination.
South Africa continues to play a significant role in the development of tourism on the African continent. Bilateral cooperation agreements in tourism were signed with Zambia, Malawi, and Senegal. South Africa and Namibia have jointly trained a group of tourist guides with knowledge about the history and cultures of both countries.
The current conference in Moscow has confirmed the significant plans the government to continue very close collaboration with russian touristic sector.

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Presentation of Peru by PROMPERÚ for TOP tour operators at the Embassy of Peru in Moscow with Pisco cocktails and Peruvian cuisine

October, 24, 2019

In order to keep the interest of the best tourism trade audience in Peru as travel destination and to update the tour operators about last news from Peru, awards and new sites to visit it was decided to organize a creative event at the Peruvian Embassy. It was the first event in Peruvian Embassy in Moscow dedicated to Peru as best travel destination for the TOP tour operators based in Moscow.
Peruvian gastronomy was presented in form of inviting the Peruvian chef and his team based in Moscow for catering services and exclusive Peruvian dishes promoting Peruvian food. The format of the event was very successful and 200% attendance of the guests showed it.

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Participation in Luxury Travel Mart 2018 & 2019

Since its very first year, Luxury Travel Mart has become the most successful event in the luxury travel segment in Russia. This is a B2B event for companies that offer luxury products, who wish to establish new contacts and strengthen old ties on the Russian and CIS markets. Companies that participate in the Luxury Travel Mart include five-star hotels and resorts, elite car companies, cruise and yacht charter companies, private jet charters, DMC and luxury operators. Most of the best-known brands in the luxury travel industry have participated and continue to participate in LTM each year. Daria Falovskaya has been participating in LTM with our different clients since 2012.

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House of Peru. Moscow. Manege.

June, 2018

Casa Peru (House of Peru) in Moscow - innovative project, which was implemented to promote the wonders of Peru during 2018 World Cup. It attracted thousands of visitors from all corners of the planet. During 11 days when Casa Peru was open to the public at Manege Exhibition Center, just a few steps from the Red Square, it has been receiving more than 6 000 visitors daily.
The guests could taste different Peruvian dishes and drinks including Pisco cocktais, dance with Peruvian dancers, participate in shaman rituals and watch games broadcasted live on a giant screen while various Peruvian products were offered. On behalf of PROMERU, our company had the honour to organize in House of Peru different special events and meetings in VIP lounge of Manege for travel trade and media audience which had a great success. Our events visited hundreds of VIP guests and partners.

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Exclusive PROMPERÚ’s Peruvian Culinary Event with presentation of Peru for tour operators from Moscow.

September, 25, 2018

Our team organized this great creative event for TOP tour operators from Moscow in order to keep them interested and updated about Peru as we all to promote Peru as gastronomic destination.
The presentation that was done included new facts and not to famous areas of Peru, gastronomy and culinary aspects of Peruvian culture and its new trends. The cooking class of Peruvian ceviche, tacos (lomo saltado tacos) and Pisco Sour as well as other cocktails based on Pisco were highlights of the event.
The event guests were the directors or leading managers of companies, which successfully sell tours to Peru as well as most prospective tour operators.
One of the most important fact was a presence and welcome speech of the Ambassador of Peru to Russia who was a special guests of the event.

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Business Breakfast for the tour operators organized by the Embassy of Peru in Russia, OCEX Russia in cooperation with Air France/KLM

March, 06, 2018

This business breakfast main goal was to attract new tour operators, which already work, or start to work with Peru. On behalf of OCEX (Commercial Office of Peru Abroad) and the Embassy of Peru in Russia, in cooperation with Air France/KLM we organized a business breakfast for leading tour operators of Moscow.
The main focus of the event was to promote Peru as travel destination in light of Peru Travel Mart 2018 (PTM) – biggest yearly travel trade show held in Lima. The presentation was created according to the information about touristic places in Peru included to the itineraries of PTM 2018 pre- and post-tours.

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Seminar by PROMPERÚ in the best Peruvian Restaurant Chicha in Moscow for TOP tour operators in cooperation with the Embassy of Peru in Russia, OCEX Russia and Air Europa with special guest Olga Michi

November, 23, 2017

The business event on November 23, 2017 took place in luxury Peruvian restaurant Chicha in the city center. The program was very full of interesting facts and presentations of each speakers. High class Peruvian food added a special Peruvian atmosphere and accented the gastronomic importance of Peru. The event opened with his welcome speech the Ambassador of Peru to Russia Mr Benjamin Chimoy. Following presentation was done by OCEX representative (Commercial Office of Peru Abroad) about Peruvian cuisine, SuperFood and Peru Travell Mart 2018.
After that began the largest part - the presentation of Daria Falovskaya – PROMPERU and its goals, Peru as travel destination, important and interesting facts, history, different regions and their specifics, useful advices for tour planning, unknown regions of Peru and interesting facts, expressions and personal experience after TV press tour with famous TV program Let’s go, Let’s eat which was just finished (itinerary, places to visit, filming process). It was the main and longest presentation of the event which gave the most essential information to the guests.
After that the representative of Air Europa made her presentation – flights and schedule of Air Europa from Russia to Peru.
The final presentation was very unusual and colorful presentation and communication with the special guest of the event – celebrity Olga Michi – famous photographer and traveler, presenter of the TV program Extreme Photographer on travel channel Live Planet, journalists, blogger, columnist. Ms Michi presented her personal trip to Peru, her impressions, interesting facts and photo works made in Peru.

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Exclusive seminar with presentation by PROMPERÚ and Pisco Sour master class for the best agents of tour operator ART-TOUR in cooperation with Air France/KLM - “Meet Peru!”

November, 30, 2017

The business dinner on November 30, 2017 took place in luxury Peruvian restaurant Chicha in the city center. The warm atmosphere and right organization made the event interesting, useful and relaxing. The changing of the activities like different presentations, Pisco demonstration, lottery, Peruvian cuisine from Chicha restaurant and networking made the guests stayed till late asking questions and discussing different sales specific.

    Business dinner included the following parts:

  • Welcome speech of Daria Falovskaya as PROMPERU representative
  • Welcome speech of Art Tour representative and short introduction
  • Short presentation of Air France/KLM – flight schedule from Russia to Peru, important sales tools, last news and plans for 2018
  • Short introduction of 3D cardboards by Daria Falovskaya. All guests received 3D cardboards as presents and
  • Daria explained the project with Air France and how to use the cardboards.
  • Presentation of Art Tour - Peru as travel destination for Russian travelers, important and interesting facts, history, different regions and their specifics, packages and programs of Art Tours, specifics of sales and sales tools, new programs, new year and Christmas packages, news and plans for 2018
  • Presentation of Pisco specialist and barmen – history of Pisco, interesting facts
  • Demonstration and tasting of Pisco and master class of Pisco Sour
  • Presentation of Daria Falovskaya – PROMPERU and its goals, impressions and personal experience after TV press tour with famous TV program Let’s go, Let’s eat which was just finished (itinerary, places to visit, filming process).
  • Lottery and presents from PROMPERU
  • Networking, photo session

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3D Video Project by PROMPERÚ and Air France: “Peru with Air France, a Virtual Reality Voyage”

Virtual Reality experience is the most immersive experience and our project – 3D video of Peru – was the first 3D video project about travel destination. We organized a special press-tour to Peru for Air France representative and the 3D video experts of Interactive Lab who made the unique 3D video content using innovative cameras an equipment. As a result, we have a great and actual promotion tool which PROMPERÚ and Air France used for many different activities and which attracted a big audience. Our 3D video remains actual and it is planned to show it during our next events in 2020 dedicated to Peru.
The virtual guests can feel like they are in other reality world, it is a ‘teleport’ to another location. Wearing a Virtual Reality headset (3D glasses) one can experience the place in all colors and detail and it is not only 3D image it is 3D VIDEO!
The main feature of Virtual Reality technology is the fact that one can look in any direction and the living and moving surroundings will be everywhere.
3D video about Peru is also a newsworthy topic and content for the press releases and publications in media what we actively use in our PR work.
Moreover – 3D video is created with possibility to watch it through cardboards. We branded and issued special cardboard 3D glasses, which are a “light analog” of headset and allow to watch 3D video using any type of smartphone – you just need to put your smartphone in the cardboard and enjoy the 3D video. Cardboards are great present and takeaway for our guests and partners.

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