Integrity Promotion Group – high-class representative services in Russia and CIS

Our task is to keep target audience of our clients (trade, media and direct consumer) constantly interested, fascinated and updated.

Our different and creative events strongly contribute to the realization of this task. We arrange exhibitions, hold seminars and presentations, organize parties and special events - everything that make our clients notable and memorable for the Russian market.
We also offer ad hoc event management service in case only one or series of special events should be organized without any other marketing or PR activities.

For us it is important to design every time a new creative dedicated concept and not to make identical events for our clients.
For our presentations we always find new facts and stories, we update the audience about last news and offers . We don’t copy the past events because we believe that if we want to attract people’s attention we have to involve them in the infinite kaleidoscope of new knowledge, emotions and impressions.
Another area of the event management is organization of the public events or campaigns for the direct consumers. These events are always big projects which involve different suppliers and which require long preparation phase and big budgets.

Our event management services:

  • Creating of special unique events for supporting our current clients and projects
  • Launch party for new client (creating of the special conception highlighting distinctive features of our new client)
  • Prelaunch activities: setting up location, development of the distinctive program, decoration, catering, involvement of partners and guest speakers, entertainment program
  • Confirmation of all suppliers and coordination of their work
  • Creating of database for the event according to its goals (tour operators, agents, press, bloggers etc.)
  • Printing of all necessary materials - from little brochures to wide banners
  • Creation of the invitations, their distribution and guest confirmation
  • Registration of the guest at the event
  • Preparation of the speech and presentation
  • Leading the event and networking with the guests
  • Photo and video services during the event
  • Logistical and technical support
  • Gift/press pack coordination
  • Post-event follow up and reports
  • Database management