Integrity Promotion Group – high-class representative services in Russia and CIS

Integrity Promotion Group pays close attention to collaboration with main Russian TV channels as a part of PR work. TV-media remain one of the strongest influencers and image-makers for their big audience. We work with different TV channels and programs during many years and acquired good connections and contacts.
There is a number of popular travel TV programs in Russian and CIS as well as the programs, which can include travel reportages in their contents. The total audience of these programs is around 100 million people and thus it is a key instrument in global promotion and image positioning.

A good example of our work with TV channels is a range of programs made about Peru during last years, which we arranged for our client PROMPERÚ (Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism). We arranged and controlled the whole process from the creating of scenario through the press trip and till the launch of the programs.
The issued programs were broadcasted on prime time and repeated after some months. They are very popular and can be watched on TV channel web pages any time.