House of Peru. Moscow. Manege.

June 2018

The place (Manege) itself is the highlight as it is one of the most famous places in Moscow situated 2 minutes walk from the Red Square. The VIP area of Manege where our special PROMPERU events took place is an elegant hidden location with the view to House of Peru main floor from above.
The guests were greatly impressed by the project size and location of House of Peru as well as a possibility to visit the VIP hall, which is usually closed.
The performed promotion activities and destination positioning during the House of Peru project aimed to contribute to increasing of tourist’s flow from Russia to Peru and to generate higher revenues and economic impact in the promoted regions of Peru.
One of the main goals of these activities was to reach the final consumer through relevant tour operator, travel agencies and media in order to introduce Peru as a unique and exclusive destination and motivate travelers to consider Peru the best option for vacations. Casa Peru has been an effort led by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism through PROMPERÚ, and has the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Association of Exporters and the regional governments of Tacna, Ica, Piura, Lima, Junín, Arequipa and Cusco, where many of the products that have been presented come from.
Launched by Peru's country brand (Marca Peru), the House of Peru strategy was a part of a campaign to promote the Inca nation's wonders in Russia during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. However Casa Peru is known not only in Russia and opens its doors in different countries around the world inviting the visitors to discover one of the most mystic and diverse place. Casa Peru also brings together the best exportable offer from Peruvian coast, highlands, and jungle.