Presentation of Peru by PROMPERÚ

for TOP tour operators

at the Embassy of Peru in Moscow

with Pisco cocktails and Peruvian cuisine

24/10/2019 Moscow

This event is bright sample of non-typical action to perform promotion in unusual way aimed the following objectives:

  • To perform action of tourism promotion and destination positioning in the Russian market among the TOP Moscow tour operators. The performed actions should generate better awareness and revenue from the Russian market.
  • Organizing of the first event in Peruvian Embassy in Moscow dedicated to Peru as best travel destination for the TOP tour operators based in Moscow.
  • To showcase Peru as great sport destination and inviting the member of the Russian Surfer Club “Surfway” with the presentation and first demonstration of the professional 20 minutes film shot in Peru by Surfway crew
  • To present the Peruvian gastronomy in form of inviting the Peruvian chef and his team based in Moscow for catering and presenting exclusive Peruvian dishes to the guests and promoting Peruvian food directly to the tour operators.
  • To present Pisco and cocktails based on Pisco to the guests in form or master class of Pisco Sour and other cocktails, tasting and presenting Pisco history and details of this unique drink.
  • To communicate with the guests during networking after presentations.
  • To welcome tour operators in the Embassy building what shows the high interest of the country in the Russian market.

The event consisted of the following parts:

  • welcoming guests with Peruvian finger food, Pisco cocktails and PROMPERU videos in the big screen
  • welcoming words by PROMPERU representative (Daria Falovskaya), Peruvian Embassy and OCEX representatives
  • detailed presentation of Peru as travel destination made by PROMPERU representative which included all important sites, not good known area, last updates and interesting facts
  • offering the popcorn to the guests and starting of the short presentation of Surway surfing club with first demonstration of the 20 minutes film about Peru shot by the Surway crew.
  • answering the questions
  • Peruvian food catering and Pisco Sour and other Pisco based cocktails master class with tasting, Pisco presentation
  • networking till the late evening

Feedback and Highlights

  • First event organized in the Embassy building for the travel trade audience was very successful and important event for TOP tour operators from Moscow.
  • The event was organized in Peruvian style – in the Embassy, the Peruvian officials were presented, the Peruvian food and Pisco cocktails were served what gave the event the Peruvian style and atmosphere which was very much appreciated by the guests.
  • The guests number was much higher than expected – 55 guests (30-35 were expected) what was a great success and what shows an interest in Peru as travel destination and good perspective for 2020.
  • The concept of the event included different activities and information given through different channels: greetings from the officials, big lively presentation of the destination, real Peruvian food, great film shot by Russian crew from Surfway, popcorn, Pisco cocktails master class, networking in relaxed atmosphere – all of this made the event very diverse and memorable for the guests what they expressed in their feedbacks.
  • The location of the event in the Peruvian Embassy building gave the guests an opportunity to visit the Embassy and to see that they are very welcome by all Peruvian institutions.
  • The PROMPERU brochures in Russian were distributed at the event.